Struggling with staying focused?


Do you ever feel like after you have one good day at work it’s followed by three bad days?

Why is it that just when we are starting to stick to our habits, stay disciplined and get our important work done - all of a sudden it feels like one bad decision leads to spiraling frenzy of other bad decisions?

Now the wheels have come off altogether and a task that should take one hour ends up taking the whole day. Which makes you frustrated because you’re doing lots of little tasks but constantly avoiding the important one.

Do you feel like you can focus? It’s very reasonable to say no. Most people can’t today. And the weight of constantly struggling to stay focused on your work can bring a lot of unhappiness and self-judgement.


I have seen this first hand. I used to teach Speed Reading and Memorization workshops. I taught at Fortune 500 companies, Ivy League Universities and some public schools. All very different environments yet most people struggled with the same problem. They were overwhelmed by the information they had to consume everyday and really struggled to focus and get their most important work done.

Which is why I stepped away from that work to learn from globally renowned neuroscientists about how we focus and how we learn.

The business world is years behind what the science has found. But, we at The Bowery Common have created a workshop that will bring profound change to people’s lives in how they understand their mind so that they can perform at their peak. Consistently.



The Momentum Mind


The Momentum Mind is about transforming your life practices to build focus, happiness and fulfillment into the work that you do. You will forever struggle to maintain control of your willpower, efficiency and learning skills until you understand the value of your attention.


Your attention is your most valuable resource - it fuels all of the complex things that makes you intelligent, proactive, disciplined and focused. Over 3 weeks under Patrick’s close guidance, expect to come out of this course with a new mind that can block out all the distractions and so that you can be the person you know that you are capable of. In todays world the ability to focus is a true super power.


This program is not for everybody. We run it once a month and only allow a select group of business leaders to join us. Book a consult to see if you’re a right fit.

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